VIDEO: Premium vs Budget Tyres – What’s The Difference?
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VIDEO: Premium vs Budget Tyres – What’s The Difference?

In this video, Ben Collins, formerly ‘The Stig’  carries out a braking test on a wet-grip surface to show the difference in performance and handling when using premium tyres and economy tyres.

The team here at SB Motors don’t think you should always have premium tyres fitted, we just wanted to share this interesting video about the type of difference to expect when choosing tyre quality.

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tyre fitting brighton and hoveTravelling at 60mph, the brakes are applied at a predetermined point and a mark is set where the car stops. The test is then carried out using a set of budget tyres.
On this cheaper set, Collins passes the premium tyre marker by 10 metres. He explains that he felt a “floating sensation in the rear of the car” where before he was able to feel the premium tyres “biting into the surface” and generating a lot of grip.
The next test involves cornering – an area Collins says drivers will see a clear difference in tyre quality.
Coming into a slippery corner at 35mph on the budget tyres, he runs wide and eventually spins off course.
On the premium tyres, the car takes up far less room in the corner and doesn’t venture near the edge of the track. (Daily Telegraph)

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