Car air conditioning offers in Brighton and Hove
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Car air conditioning offers in Brighton and Hove


Get ready for the Summer with with our Brighton and Hove Air Con regas offers

Air conditioning service and regas just £39

Now the warm weather is upon us, it’s time to check if your car’s air conditioning is ready and working correctly.

Things to check

  • Is your air conditioning cold enough in your car?
  • Are your windows misting up and not clearing?
  • Are you getting headaches when your air-con is switched on?
  • Are allergy symptoms increasing after car journeys?
  • Is your air conditioning cooling quickly?
  • Have you ever had the air-con serviced?


  • Poorly performing air conditioning systems can build up bacteria and other allergens, causing symptoms to occur with passengers.
  • Your car loses a percentage of refrigerant gas every year under normal circumstances.
  • Main dealers can charge in excess of £100 for servicing a cars air conditioning system.
  • Poor performing air conditioning can cause your car to use extra fuel as the air-con pump has to work harder
  • Most manufacturers recommend servicing your air conditioning every 2 years.

Check whether you’re due for a service and book in with us by calling 01273 737383 or book online



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  • Mark Phelps
    August 3, 2018, 12:57 pm REPLY

    I am sad because my hectic schedule did not allow me to avail this golden offer this time. Anyways, keeping my person affair in one side, I would like to tell that the role and significance of the vehicle’s air conditioning system can never be taken for granted. Rather it should be serviced timely to prolong its life expectancy, improve its performance efficiency, improve its heating potentiality, and to improve the air quality inside the vehicle’s interior. Also, a well-maintained car ac plays a crucial role in increasing the fuel-efficiency. So, the operative needs to hire a car professional- and service the ac of his speedster periodically so that he can keep the compressor in good shape.


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