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Car Air Conditioning Hove

air conditioning offersSB Motors Hove are pleased to announce our Air Conditioning Service special offers for Summer 2014.

Air conditioning systems are generally serviced every 2 years in accordance with manufacturers recommendation.

Pollen filters can be replaced at the same time and anti-bacterial treatments can be put through the system to improve allergy and bacteria build up within the system. These treatments can also help diffuse the stale smell sometimes associated with turning on the air-conditioning system after a long time.

See our special offers below and book today.

[pricing_table type=”2″ backgroundcolor=”#ffffff” bordercolor=”#F8F8F8″ dividercolor=””]
[pricing_column title=”Air Con Service”][pricing_price currency=”£” price=”39.oo” time=”inc vat”][/pricing_price][pricing_row]Air Conditioning System Full Discharge, Service and Regas[/pricing_row][pricing_row]Recommended Every 2 Years[/pricing_row][pricing_footer][button color=”” size=”large” link=”” target=””]Book Now[/button][/pricing_footer][/pricing_column]

[pricing_column title=”Air Con Service PLUS”][pricing_price currency=”£” price=”55″ time=”inc vat”][/pricing_price][pricing_row]Anti Bacterial ventilation treatment and deodoriser[/pricing_row][pricing_row]PLUS Service & Regas[/pricing_row][pricing_footer][button color=”” size=”large” link=”” target=””]Book Now[/button][/pricing_footer][/pricing_column]

[pricing_column title=”System Leak Test”][pricing_price currency=”£” price=”39.00″ time=”inc vat”][/pricing_price][pricing_row]Full system leak test using UV detectable Dye[/pricing_row][pricing_row]Regas Where Applicable[/pricing_row][pricing_footer][button color=”” size=”large” link=”” target=””]Book Now[/button][/pricing_footer][/pricing_column]





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